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Are Multi-line "Custom Test Automation Script" arguments possible?

Elliot Morrison-Reed (2059) | asked Sep 30 '13, 11:02 a.m.
Hello All,

Background: I have created a Custom Execution Adapter script type that I would like to use when triggering an external automated test system written in python.  The idea is that the software engineer who is responsible for writing the automated test would be able to embed a test algorithm directly into the "Test Script" object, and then the test system would be triggered through an Automation Adapter.

Here is the setup of the Custom Execution Adapter Type:
Custom Execution Adapter Types

Problem: It seem like the text type will only create a very small input window, and also will not store line breaks (and since our test system is written in python, this is essential).

Here is the rendering of the Algorithm field:
Algorithm Field

Question:  Is there some way that I can expand the field created for the test algorithm?
Is there some better way that I can accomplish the goal of storing the test algorithm multi-line string with an extremely clear one-to-one relationship with a Test Script object?


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Deepa Doraswamy (4712) | answered Oct 03 '13, 4:13 a.m.
Hi Elliot,

Multi-line arguments are currently not supported. Please create an RFE.


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