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Can i add a query to a workitem attribute field in presentation editor?

jeanie Keen (132023) | asked Sep 27 '13, 2:43 p.m.
I am creating a new tab for requests.  One request requires multiple fields to be completed.  We need the ability to add multiple requests using the same data fields.  Then we need a list provided after the fields to show what was just entered.  We also need to be able to select the lines in the list to edit or remove.

I know this is customization, i need direction on where to find the information to help me do this.  I have not had any training on the editor and i have been successful in adding new fields, tabs, sections etc.

Millard Ellingsworth commented Sep 27 '13, 5:46 p.m.

Hi, Jeanie. I don't quite follow -- "new tab for requests" where? Is a request a work item type in your customized RTC? Web UI or Eclipse? RTC 4.0.x or earlier? In general, each new work item is created separately (unless you are using work item templates).

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Ralph Schoon (61.5k33643) | answered Sep 30 '13, 7:27 a.m.
edited Sep 30 '13, 7:38 a.m.
Hi Jeanie,

please provide a better description about what you want to do, so that we can point you into a better direction.
We have created the Process Enactment Workshop to help users to enable themselves with several areas. This would be the place to start. Lab 5 and Lab 5 describe attribute customization. It would be good, If you can get away with that.

You can expand on Lab 5 that by reading which provides a bit more flexibility.

There are limitations for value sets e.g.of type work item list, that might prevent you from being able to do what you want.

If you need to create a new attribute presentation you are up to a complex task.It is doable, but because of maintenance concerns, I would try to avoid it if possible at all.

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