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Best practises for developments on I ?

brian bridson (111) | asked Jan 23 '09, 7:28 a.m.
retagged Jun 23 '12, 5:42 p.m. by Arne Bister (2.6k12832)
Hi folks,
Rational newbie here.
We currently are using native 5250 iseries for developments ( SEU / PDM etc ) but are slowly adopting RAD / Eclipse.

one of our RPG systems currently consists of a development/testing set of libraries and a live set of libraries on different machines.

The business would like this to be enhanced so that on the development machine we have a deeper structure -
Development > Acceptance > Regression testing > copy of live ( this would be the top level of the development machine>>
and then moving to live

We don't have any SCM or version control on this system other than manual procedures/paperwork which would become too complex so I've installed the trial of team concert on i hoping this might make life easier but am having a hard time understanding how this structure should be set up in Jazz.

I'm currently trying with creating seperate workspaces for development, acceptance, regression etc and setting flow targets up but I'm not sure if this is right or would work ?

can anyone offer any advice ?

Thanks !

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george farr (16) | answered Jan 26 '09, 11:19 a.m.
Hi Brian. I am glad that you are trying RTCi out. Here are some comments for you:

-You can create separate streams to represent the different promotion levels: Integration, Acceptance, Regression, Staging

-Each developer should have a repository workspace with a flow target to the Integration stream, that is the stream to which they will deliver

-Then have one or more people as "promoters" who will have repository workspaces that will have flow targets to the source stream and the promotion stream, eg. to the Integration stream and to the Acceptance stream.

-The promoters will accept from the source stream and deliver to the next promotion stream (e.g. accept from Integration and deliver to Acceptance)

If you have any other question please let me know ( I am not the technical expert on this, however, I will make sure I forward any additional question you have to Kushal Munir or Don Yantzi on my team.

Thanks again for your interest.

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