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How do I use CCM on IBM i without WAS?

Paul Bailey (1824) | asked Jul 05 '13, 11:07 a.m.


I'm installing Jazz and Rational Team Concert software in small, slow steps in order to understand what I am doing. I first installed the Jazz server on a windows web server (tomcat) and it appears to be successfully running and waiting for input. The majority of the source I need to control is on an IBM i, though.

Can I run the CCM portion of Jazz Team Server on the IBM i without installing the latest Websphere Application Server (WAS)? The Jazz portions are all installed, but I can not setup anything without a later version of WAS.

If the application server is *required* on the IBM i, is there any help around to getting tomcat running on the i and setting up the Jazz software? (All help for the IBM i seems to focus on WAS only.)


PS At the moment I am working on the 10-free-developer licence.

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Kevin Doyle (60425) | answered Jul 05 '13, 3:13 p.m.
Hi Paul,

The Jazz Team Server and CCM application can be run on any of the supported platforms, it does not need to be on an IBM i machine to work with IBM i source.  On IBM i we only support WAS for the application server.  It's the Build System Toolkit that must be installed on IBM i for running Builds, Promotions, and Deployments.

Source for the IBM i is managed in IBM i Projects, see this video for working with IBM i Projects:

Keep in mind the 10-free-developer license is Developer licenses not Developer for Enterprise platforms license, so you won't be able to do IBM i Dependency Builds and Promotions.

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Paul Bailey commented Jul 08 '13, 3:31 a.m.

The link passes to a video that is cut off half way (around 3m long instead of 7m). If anyone else wants to see the full video, click the YouTube button on the bottom right of the video and view from there.

Paul Bailey commented Jul 08 '13, 3:42 a.m.

Thanks Kevin. I figured the CCM couldn't work without being on the IBM i because how else could changes outside i projects be tracked (e.g. SEU = built-in IBM i source editor). Are edits (that are made outside i projects) prevented, tracked or even noticed?

If it is a case of getting the development team to swear not to use anything but i projects, then my uphill struggle to introduce team concert has become near impossible.

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Sean Babineau (38825) | answered Jul 09 '13, 2:11 p.m.
Hi Paul, RTC doesn't have an interface like PDM options to checkin and deliver members directly from the SRCPF via a terminal or emulator. 

The RTC repository stores and versions source in the form of i Projects. The build process pushes iProjects (or changes) into target libraries on IBM i to be built. 

It's possible for someone to continue to edit source using SEU, although it requires them to go through additional steps, to synchronize source from and back to the i Project, in order to deliver changes back to the repository. 


Paul Bailey commented Jul 10 '13, 11:38 a.m.

Can a work item/ i project be created or added to from the IBM i if only the CCM part of Jazz is installed on the i? I've got to find someway to ease people away from PDM/SEU slowly, but getting RTC used and change control managed is more important at the moment.

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