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Some Questions about RTC-i and RDi

Andreas Nicoladoni (19612523) | asked Dec 07 '09, 3:54 a.m.
retagged Jun 24 '12, 4:51 a.m. by Arne Bister (2.6k12832)

I'm new with RTC-i, RDi and have some questions and hope I'll find help here.

Until now we have our SourceCode stored in 3 lines and working with ADM and CL-Programms to Build and deploy.

Production, HotFix and Development. Starting with RTC-i we have created a Projekt with 1 TeamArea. In this TeamArea we have 3 Streams and each Stream has the same Component. Now we are asking if somebody has tools for buildmanagement for our 3 lines of SourceCode as well as tools for promotion and development. We have to deliver the objects onto 2 other i-Series.

The other question is: I've archived a user in a project and know i will take him to the same projectTeam again, Is this possible. And is it possible to create a stream from an archived project.

I've also be informed that RTC-i 2.0 will be availabe soon.
Should we for it before starting with migration from ADM to RTC-i and is in this version a possibility for automatic builds like we need?

Many thanks in advance.


programmer on system-i since 1989

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