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RRDI - RTC Need to select parameter twice for displaying report, why?

DH Lee (25784446) | asked Aug 09 '13, 2:54 a.m.
I have number of reports generated from RRDI and is using them in RTC. When users use these reports, they need to select parameter twice before report is displayed.

After users select parameter (eg date range), they proceed to click on either "Run" button on the top of the window or "Finish" button on the bottom of the window. Then users are prompted to select parameter again. Users can only display report only parameter is selected for second time and "Finish" button is clicked. 

This problem occurs on all reports generated from RRDI and I could not find any information in regards to such issue. Can someone please share their input on this issue?

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manivannan sabarajan (14557) | answered Aug 09 '13, 3:34 a.m.
Hi DH Lee,
I did not notice this behavior in my instance. By default you have  reprompt, finish, cancel option....During the customization / creation of own reports , there are chances that you might have copies the properties / behaviour of "reprompt". can you share the screenshot of the report that you are speaking about.
pls find the default report

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Alanna Zito (1.3k3) | answered Aug 09 '13, 8:56 a.m.
Just to confirm, is this RTC v4.0.1 or later?  When you run an RRDI report you *must* hit the "Finish" button before hitting "Run" (or "Save") - otherwise, the user will be prompted again for parameter values as you describe. 

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