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Are the descriptions of Live_Workitem_Cnt Wi_Type & State_Name correct?

Andrew Stevens (1482529) | asked Jul 10 '15, 12:36 p.m.
In the Data Warehouse Snapshot Schemas documentation at it describes the Live_Workitem_Cnt table as having

Wi_Type String The display name for the work item type, as defined in the process specification. For example, "Enhancement".
State_Name String The name of the work item state. The name is defined in the process specification. For example, "Verified"

This doesn't tally with what I'm getting in my report output, though, where I see e.g.  "" & "".  These look more like the relevant IDs than the display names, and need to be mapped via the State and Type dimensions to get the desired names.  Which seems to be what the answer to is suggesting too.  Or am I mistaken?

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