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How to load a specific change set to sandbox?

Daniel Reinhardt (3849) | asked Jul 30 '13, 9:51 a.m.

from time to time we need to go back to a specific revision of our coding. When we used SVN in the past, we just checked out that revision and everythin was fine. But how to do this in RTC?

Maybe I just can't see the wood for the trees, but I could only find options to load baselines
Is there a way to load a specific change set to the sandbox?

Thanks for help!

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Scott Cowan (966310) | answered Jul 30 '13, 10:09 a.m.
Hi Daniel,

If you want to go back to a specific file revision you probably want to discard change sets.  This is what I do.

1. In the Pending Changes View select the component you're interested in and from the context menu select Show > History.  This will show you all the change sets in your repository workspace in reverse chronological order.  The most recent ones are at the top.
2. If you know the change set you want to discard you can select it and from the context menu select Discard...  You can do this for many change sets from top down very easily.  If you want to cherry pick change sets from the list you may or may not have success because it could introduce gaps in a file's history.
3. If you are faced with introducing gaps you'll have to find more recent change sets that change the same file(s) and discard them too.  This can be more tricky, but the file's history can help with that.

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Henning Sternkicker (40626) | answered Jul 30 '13, 10:01 a.m.
If you are using the Eclipse Client of RTC you can search for the change set from the Eclipse search option, e.g. search for the change sets of one particular user, or from a specific date etc. In the result set of the search displayed in the view you can accept that change set to your work space.

If you want to do it programmatically or by script using the command line you can do it by using "scm accept -changes 1111" where 1111 is the UUID of the change set you want to accept to your workspace.
hope that helps,


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