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Cannot Import Test Cases - RQM ExcelWord Import tool rejects my valid logon credentials - says user id, pw is invalid

frederick carter (451017) | asked Jul 29 '13, 1:09 p.m.
 I am using the RQM ExcelWord Import Tool , version 3.014

I supply the server name , my user Id, and password, and point to the out put directory and config file .

When I submit this, the system comes back with Invalid server name, user id, or password
but these are valid credentials 

In reading other postings similar to this ,  it suggests my cal license is expired or needs updating. 
however I am able to Access RTC and RQM projects 

One potential insight was :

I check my profile license page and noticed  not of the RTC licenses have been checked off, only rqm and rrc.

I am currently getting our Jazz admin to take care of this,  and will post any progress to this afterwards.

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Antoinette Iacobo (650712) | answered Jul 29 '13, 1:53 p.m.
 Hi Frederick,
By default, the Tool uses the /jazz context root.  You may want to double check your RQM Server URL has the correct context for qm. 

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Shweta Bhat (6) | answered Jul 23 '14, 2:27 a.m.
I am using RQM Excel Importer V4.0.6 to upload Test Cases into RQM V4.0.6.

I am using the correct Server URL and entering valid ID and Password. I am giving the correct details in the config file. But I am getting error " Invalid Server name or User ID or Password"  on click of "Validation" button in the excel importer.

I could open RQM Web Page using the same Server URL and  User ID/Password.

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Antoinette Iacobo (650712) | answered Jul 23 '14, 9:48 a.m.
 Hi Shweta,

For the URL test, are you opening a browser that is on the same host that the Excel Importer is installed?

If that works, then I would try making a connection with one of the other utilities (e.g. RqmUrlUtility, Command Line Utility) that create/use the HTTP Client to make a connection (which is not the same client as what the browser uses).  If those also don't work, then there is some software blocking this client.  


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John Straathof (11) | answered May 20 '19, 3:38 p.m.
edited May 20 '19, 3:39 p.m.
It's much later, but here is an answer which is still relavent. Maybe this helps someone else.

The RQM Import tool will produce this message if the password contains special characters. I do not have the exact character range, but I have come across this with multiple passwords in another language. Once the passwords were changed, it worked.

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