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Integration between RDNG-RTC-RQM

Rahi J (29537) | asked Oct 07 '19, 5:00 a.m.

 Hello there,

We are using Jazz applications DNG RTC and RQM (Version-6.0.6), independently. 
Now we have to do integration between all the applications so that our requirement(DNG) will be link with Related User Story(RTC) and related test cases(RQM).

Kindly let us know the steps how we can integrate all 3 applications from back end.


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Diana Kraaijeveld (57727) | answered Oct 07 '19, 9:11 a.m.
It really depends on the question how the users need to work with the projects, because there are multiple possibilities depending on your needs.

- For example the most basic method to integrate an RM with a QM project is to open the project area properties and, from the overview section, add the other tools project area in the 'association' section.

- Or you could choose to create an empty life cycle project from one of the LPA templates and add your existing projects to this LPA project to integrate them

Or, if you need to use configuration management, you could even choose for a Global Configuration to be able to get an overview of the data across the projects from various products (ie you could create a baseline of the complete Global Config which would then also show the links between the different tools).

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