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Taskboard loading fails in web client after migration to 4.0.3

Miroslav Zaninovic (36727) | asked Jul 25 '13, 4:16 a.m.

We upgraded RTC from to  4.0.3. RTC project use Agility@Scale template.
After migration Taskboard view in plans doesn't work in web client. In eclipse client everything is OK.
Taskboard use filters (options):
Group by Owner
Exclude Empty Group
Exclude Empty Items from Sub-Iterations
Sort by Priority

Unfortunately, when I run plan first time  in web browser, plan display wrong data. When I click option Set Column Adjustments As Default, plan refreshes and shows correct data.

Issue occurs in IE  and 9, Mozilla and Chrome.
Only Chrome display error
TypeError: Cannot call method 'isTopLevel' of null
TypeError: Cannot call method 'isTopLevel' of null
at dojo.declare.isExecutionItem (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at dojo.declare.timeline (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at dojo.declare.initializeScheduler (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at dojo.declare.initialize (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at dojo.declare.doInitializeAttribute2 (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at null. (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at null.fFunction (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?include=G~&etag=IcTH8basNRJ_en_US&_proxyURL=%2Fccm&ss=CmDDU:15:15340)
at null. (https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?exclude=G~H&
at https://hostname/ccm/web/_js/?include=G~&etag=IcTH8basNRJ_en_US&_proxyURL=%2Fccm&ss=CmDDU:15:15340

There is no messages in websphare and application logs.
I tried to debug all web browser but only this was captured

PlanAttributeRegistry: may be broken because of dependency on
PlanAttributeRegistry: may be broken because of dependency on
PlanAttributeRegistry: may be broken because of dependency on planning/source/

Any advice how to resolve the issue?

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k1513) | answered Jul 25 '13, 6:10 p.m.
I would suggest opening up a PMR with IBM Support to resolve this issue.

Miroslav Zaninovic commented Jul 26 '13, 3:34 a.m.

Thank you Stephanie!
Do you mean real PMR or just Defect for version 4.0.3?

Stephanie Bagot commented Jul 26 '13, 8:06 a.m.

A real PMR to work directly with IBM Support.
We will have to look at your ccm.log file, and most likely add some trace to determine the root cause.

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