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Scheduled Absences Widget on the Dashboard

Priya Darshini (1122) | asked May 28 '13, 4:42 a.m.
Hi there,

I would like to have a widget, ideally a calendar, that I can use to display the scheduled absences within the project area. Days when a team member is not available must be displayed in a different color and must have a link. Hovering on the link should provide the names of the team members who shall not be available on that particular day.

Ideally, I should be able to select a team area, if necessary, as an input.

Is something like this already available within RTC 4.0.1?


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Dr. Hans-Joachim Pross (1.1k4458) | answered May 28 '13, 7:29 a.m.
There is a report format displaying team absense.
But unfortunately I was not able to display this report in a dashboard.

Robert Myers commented Dec 09 '13, 9:52 a.m.

Here is a link to another related thread

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KrishnaKanth Naik (76511015) | answered May 28 '13, 5:31 a.m.
 Hello Priya

What you are asking for is not available out of the box. However, I could find an alternative of creating a BIRT report to list absences in comment 11 of the Enhancement Request 68639

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