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How can we move a parent to In Progress when any child is moved?

Susan Hanson (1.6k2201194) | asked Apr 26 '13, 10:36 a.m.
We sometimes hit an issue where a child is started (moved to In Progress) but the team forgets to move the parent.  So the parent still says "Not started" although its' children are started.

Is there a way to configure RTC to do this automatically?
If not, does anyone have any scripts or code to do this?


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Lauren Hayward Schaefer (3.3k11727) | answered Apr 29 '13, 7:44 a.m.
Hi Susan,

I don't know of a way to do this in RTC automatically.  Ralph Schoon has an example on his blog of how to automatically resolve a parent work item if all of its children are resolved:  You could likely modify this for your scenario.

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