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Command line example for FxCop integration with RTC 4.01

Carlito V (11156) | asked Apr 15 '13, 9:29 a.m.
It is possible to set up a precondition to use the Microsoft FxCop tool in RTC.
For more details, see article
Q1. Is that possible to have an example of arguments for the FxCopCmd.exe tool command that works and has been tested for this integration?
Normally "At minimum, you must specify either of the following:
The location of the analysis output, using the /console, /consoleXsl,
or /out option, and one of the following:
A project that uses the /project option.
An assembly to analyze and a rules directory pair using the /file and
/rule options.
Q2. Do you know if we can use ruleset argument?
In the MSDN documentation  , there is an entry but not sure if
this option can be used or not "Custom RuleSet, If you need to analyze with custom ruleset, you can
just type /ruleset:=YourCustomRuleSet.ruleset
I did some search and find an article about ruleset

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