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Import source code issue

Richard Sun (1979) | asked Mar 01 '13, 3:42 p.m.
 I exported source code from another SVN, then import a project to RTC. After imported the project, I can see the history, but can't see the source code in repository, any idea?

Geoffrey Clemm commented Mar 01 '13, 8:17 p.m.

We'll need some more specifics.  
When you say "exported from another SVN", what specifically did you do?   Did you create an Subversion dump file, perhaps?
When you say "imported a project to RTC", what specifically did you do?  Did you use the RTC Subversion importer, to import the dump file that you created above?
When you say "I can see the history", what tool or Eclipse view are you using to see the history, and what do you see?
When you say "I can't see the source code in the repository", what tool or Eclipse view were you using to look at the repository, and what did you see?

Richard Sun commented Mar 04 '13, 3:52 p.m.

 Yes, I got the dump file from SVN firstly.  

I used RTC client to import the dump file : File>Import>Jazz Source Control>SVN Dump file ....
I saw the history from RTC client :right click the component name ,then select "show" > "history", then I can saw all revise history from SVN .
As above history showing, I used RTC client to right click a component name ,then show the "repository files", I can't see anything. Normally,I should saw all files which I imported from dump file as I did before.

Tim Mok commented Mar 05 '13, 10:34 a.m.

Can you check the changes in the last change set in component history? The import may have incorrectly imported your changes and removed the files or didn't properly create them in the first place.

Have you also read the SVN Import article?

There may be peculiarities in your SVN dump that you let the importer know about.

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