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Need to retrive IResource from IStructuredSelection which will be returend by DeliverAction.getStructuredSelection()

Saravanakumar Sakthivel (1123) | asked Feb 28 '13, 3:07 a.m.
I need to retrive al lthe IResources from IStructured selection. Also if the IResource is Java Project or Package I want the files inside the Project or package too. Please provide a sample code ofr this.

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Andrew Niefer (7135) | answered Feb 28 '13, 11:06 a.m.
Working with selections and resource is a basic Eclipse question and not specific to RTC.

A search will find many Eclipse resources with examples.

Saravanakumar Sakthivel commented Feb 28 '13, 11:57 p.m. | edited Feb 28 '13, 11:58 p.m.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks. My main objective is to get the arrray of IResources which will have modified files or Change Set from the IStructuredSelection returned by DeliverAction.getStructuredSelection().

Could you please help me by providing a sample code.

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