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Why RQMExcelImporter is not able to authenticate with DOORS 9.4?

Sarvendra Kumar (1922426) | asked Feb 26 '13, 6:07 a.m.

following are the log entries which i think may be helpful in getting to know the problem.

INFO: <Unknown Caller Context>: response from project has response content key

INFO: <Unknown Caller Context>: response has keys: System.Collections.Hashtable+HashtableEnumerator

INFO: <Unknown Caller Context>: RMConnector: GetFromRmServer - Error getting resource:

EXCEPTION: : Invalid URI: The URI is empty. 

at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind)

at System.Uri..ctor(String uriString)

at System.Net.WebRequest.Create(String requestUriString)

at Mso2Rqm_Common.RMConnector.GetFromRmServer(String url, Boolean isDoorsRPRequestType)

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Hao Wan (1.5k35) | answered Feb 26 '13, 10:38 p.m.
Hi Sarvendra,
Excel Importer doesn't supporting exporting  Doors requirement.

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