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Do you use the RTC Cloudburst sample?

Jared Burns (4.5k29) | asked Jan 29 '13, 1:26 p.m.
Do you still use the RTC Cloudburst sample? If so, is there anything that it does which you don't get from the Money That Matters sample? I'm asking this question as part of our evaluation to possibly remove the Cloudburst sample.

In the early days of Jazz, when RTC was our first and only product, the way to see a quick example of how it worked was to create a project area using the "Cloudburst" process template. RTC is still shipping the process template and code that supports the Cloudburst sample project. But since CLM 3.0.1, Money That Matters has been our sample for the CLM apps, including RTC. The Cloudburst sample hasn't been enhanced in a long time since our sample resources are all directed at the MTM sample now.

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