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How to Query on GIT commits

Richard Good (872157) | asked Sep 09 '19, 5:22 a.m.
edited Sep 09 '19, 9:25 a.m.


I have a bunch of work items attached to GIT commits and want to display all the Work Items that are answered within a Release. I can do this if the source control is done within RTC and it looks like the information is on the GIT commit Link, we are assuming I enforce a work item link for each GIT commit. However, I cannot see how to query on say: -
All work items with a GIT commit date > February 12th. The Git Commit Links do not seem to be an option for a query, well you only seem to be able to query on their existence or lack of existence.

I am using RTC 6.0.4
Anyone have a steer for me?


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