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Process for posting scripts and sample code to the Deployment wiki

Authors: StevenBeard
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NOTE: Only IBMers can post scripts and sample code to the Deployment wiki.

Posting scripts and sample code to the Deployment wiki

There may be instances when it would be beneficial for the Deployment wiki community to have access to scripts and sample code, or other relevant material, which relates to a given wiki topic page. When this is the case, please follow the steps outlined in this below to ensure that your files adhere to the necessary legal/intellectual property guidelines.

Complete the Jazz.net Sample Code Checklist document and have it reviewed by the appropriate jazz.net IP personnel (Karice Mcintyre or Duong Nguyen). If you answer No to any of the questions in the checklist, approval to make it available on jazz.net may take additional time.

Steps to obtain clearance for sample code that will be made available on jazz.net:

  • Create a work item (Type: Task) in the JazzCS repository.
  • Example work item: Deployment Wiki Sample Code Approval: Example approval task.
  • Prefix the Summary with "Deployment Wiki Sample Code Approval:".
  • Add tag “samplecode”.
  • Provide a brief description of the script or sample code (purpose, function).
  • Ensure appropriate copyright notice is included in the files (Java, JavaScript, XML, properties files, etc). See Copyright Notice Guidance, below.
  • Attach source code (for scanning purposes) to work item.
  • Include URL to the wiki topic page that the script or sample code will be attached to.
  • Compete the Jazz.net Deployment wiki code checklist and attach to the work item. Template attached to example work item.
  • Create an approval on the work item. Add the appropriate approver(s) from IP and the business (currently Karice Mcintyre or Duong Nguyen).
  • Jazz.net IP personnel will review the script or sample code in approximately 2-5 business days and provide feedback. If there are action items, they must be resolved before the script or sample code can be made available within the Deployment wiki.
  • When the work item is Approved, the script or sample code MUST be compress into an archive (e.g. zip, tar) with the license files and the single archive file can be attached to the relevant topic page in the Deployment wiki. Content will be made available under the IBM License Agreement for Non-warranted programs, which is perpetual.

Intellectual Property (IP) notice guidance

This is the general IP template for source code:

Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
[ Name or unique identifier ]
© Copyright IBM Corporation Year1 [, Year2 ].

U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights: Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

[ Name or unique identifier ] - product name (which can be further qualified by a sub-component identifier). If the foregoing are unclear (e.g. the code can be used in multiple products), use the file name or appropriate unique identifier.

Year1 is first year in which the code was made available Year2 is applicable only if there have been modifications (in a subsequent year) since the original.

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