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Authors: DanToczala, JimRuehlin
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End users see not only the Jazz-based tools, but their experience is largely governed by the software development process that is implemented in the tools. This section will help you understand the process enactment in RTC, and will explore ways that you can implement, change, manage and administer these processes.

Process enactment introduction

Process in RTC is implemented within the scope of an RTC project. Different projects may follow different processes, but all users within the context of a single project will follow the same process. This process enactment is done using process templates. These templates are essentially an XML representation of the process that you wish to follow.

Enact process

Automate, guide, or enforce the team's behavior when using RTC to improve adherence to a successful process. Link process description to the enacted process in RTC whenever possible so team members have an easy way to understand what they need to do and why they need to do it.

Process enactment environment

  • Set up a process-oriented CCM instance
  • Improve and maintaining your process
  • Managing process templates

Configure process

  • Select and customize a template for the first time
  • Attribute customization and display
  • Work item workflows

Customize process

Process reuse

  • Distribute process through process templates
  • Distribute process through process sharing
  • Fine-grained process customization (delta configs)

Describe process

Describe the process the team should follow to be successful. Illustrate the tasks and artifacts that must be produced, Provide guidance on how to perform those tasks and how to use tools to realize the process.

Describe a process in RTC

  • Document your process in RTC
  • Publish your process in a Rational Method Composer (RMC) configuration
  • Harvest and share process descriptions

Integrate the process description with the process in RTC

  • Link from work items to the process description in RTC
  • Link from work items to the published process description in RMC

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