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Planning and management

Q: When did the Deployment wiki go live?

A: The planned go-live date was 13 May 2013 (see Work item 84675).

Q: What is the communication plan for the Deployment wiki?

A: See Work item 84778.

Access control (see also Access control for the Deployment wiki)

Q: How does the larger IBM audience get access to review the wiki pages for technical accuracy?

A: The Deployment wiki request write access for IBMers topic explains how individual IBMers can request read access and TWikiAuthorGroup-level write access (see Access control for the Deployment wiki).

Q: If potential technical reviewers are outside Rational and do not have a Jazz.net user ID, can they still read our pages?

A: Yes. After the wiki is live, read access is unrestricted and does not require a login with a Jazz.net user ID.

Q: How can customers make comments on the wiki pages?

A: You can add a questions and comments box at the bottom of any page you want feedback on (see Deployment formatting guidance).

Editing and formatting

Q: Does the WYSIWYG editor work?

A: The WYSIWYG editor was problematic, and that functionality and tab were from the wiki (see Work item 81328). Note: Use the wiki Edit feature instead.

Q: What parts of the pages are editable?

A: See the Deployment wiki formatting guidelines for guidelines on using the topic page template for the Deployment wiki.

Q: Can you remove the default list of authors in the upper-right of the page?

Concern: People are confused by the author list: sometimes, the authors are not who actually edited the page, and too many authors are listed. Can we use groups as authors? For each area can we use a standard Group name that would point to a page with our actual names?

A: No. The name that is displayed in the upper-right of the page and in the history is not necessarily a person who made significant contributions to a topic page. A key aim of the wiki is to ensure that authors and additional contributors are recognized for their contribution, both internally to their organization and within the wider community. The authors in the title banner of a topic page are the people who have made major contributions to developing the page, regardless of who has edited the page. The number of authors should be kept to a reasonable number (4-10). If an entire section or subsection team were instrumental in developing a page, use a link to the respective section or subsection; for example,

 [[DeploymentPlanningAndDesign][Deployment planning and design team]] 

Q: Can the Additional Contributors section at the bottom of the page be removed?

Concern: People are confused by this section and it takes up a lot of space.

A: No. It is important to recognize the efforts of additional contributors to a topic page. A team can be recognized, but there is no problem having a long list of additional contributors because the list is at the bottom of the page. However, to be listed as an additional contributor, you should have made an important contribution to a page.

Q: Why is the left menu at the bottom of the page and no longer in the upper-right of the page?

A: You might be missing a closing div tag. Ensure that there is a closing div tag at the very end of the editing window.


Related topics: Deployment wiki access control, Deployment wiki formatting guidance

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