CE / CLM SaaS Customer Onboarding Video Library

This page describes a usage or software configuration that may not be supported by IBM.

This page provides video guidance for using CE / CLM  products and associated tools for your SaaS deployments.

Getting Help from IBM Technical Support
1. Creating an IBM ID
2. Requesting access to your company’s IBM Support account
3. Managing access to your IBM Customer Number (ICN)
4. Opening New Cases and Managing Open Cases
5. Introducing the IBM Support Community: Search
6. Introducing the IBM Support Community: Forums
7. Using the IBM My Notifications subscription service


Synchronize Customer on Premise Clocks with ELM SaaS Clock
1. Synchronizing your system clocks with your on cloud deployment

LDAP – For Deployments using PWM for their LDAP configuration

1. Creating a new user and synching the LDAP server with the JTS Server.
2. Resetting a Password / Unlocking an Account. (Downloadable Document)
3. Verify PWM Group Membership(Downloadable Document)
4. Assigning Licenses

Rational Team Concert (RTC)
1. Tracking and Planning
2. Creating a Dashboard
3. Create a Work Item Type
4. Customize an Artifact WorkFlow
5. Create a Repository Workspace
6. Create a Plan with Multiple Iterations

Rational Doors Next Generation (RDNG / DNG)
1. Importing Documents
2. Dashboards and Views
3. Linking Requirements
4. Navigating Requirements Links
5. Exporting and Reporting

Rational Quality Manager (RQM)
1. Managing Lab Reservations
2. Automated Test Script
3. Big Picture
4. Creating Test Plans
5. Creating Test Cases
6. Creating est Scripts
7. Keywords and Test Data
8. Independent Test Cases and Test Scripts

Lifecycle Project Management
1. Overview

Data Collection Jobs

1. Scheduling Data Collection Jobs. (Be sure to only run once per day and run only during ‘off’ hours)

Report Templates
1. SaaS Pro DNG Report Template Self Service Portal – IoT SaaS Support and Managed Services Support Wiki (For importing reporting templates into your SaaS Professional Environment)
2. Creating document-style reports in the Requirements Management application

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM)
1. Overview

Global Configuration
1. Overview

1. Adding a “Theme” type Banner To your CLM Dashboard.
2. Expensive Scenarios (Please use caution)


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