Upgrade Reference for CLM 2011

Upgrading to CLM 2011 is a detailed process with many constraints. All upgrades require planning and an understanding of the upgrade process to reduce risk and ensure a smooth transition to CLM 2011 products.

Getting Started Quickly

If you need to get started on your upgrade quickly, don’t expect to start your upgrade in a few hours. You’ll need to dedicate 2 to 3 days to understand the upgrade and to complete essential planning before you begin the upgrade steps.

To prepare for your upgrade:

  1. Read First Look at Migrating Jazz-based Products to 3.0.1
  2. Read Upgrade Shortcut: Upgrading to CLM 2011 the Easy Way.
  3. Read the Upgrade Rules. This will help you understand many of the architectural constraints, and reveal areas you need to be concerned about in your upgrade scenario.
  4. Read You Can’t Change the Public URI.
  5. Generate a customized upgrade guide using the Interactive Upgrade Guide and read all of it. You will gain insight into what’s needed to perform your upgrade, and you’ll identify ambiguous steps or areas that need to be tailored to your environment.
  6. Complete the Upgrade Workshop.
  7. Read the CLM 2011 Sizing Guide and System Requirements to address any issues or dependencies in your environment.
  8. Contact your IBM Rational sales representative to assure you have the latest information and local support for the upgrade.
  9. Plan the upgrade and discuss your plans with a Rational upgrade expert.
  10. Perform the upgrade.

Resources for Upgrading

General Reference

Understand the Upgrade

Plan the Upgrade

Perform the Upgrade

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