CLM 2011 upgrade workshop


This workshop will help you understand the upgrade and migration process to the CLM 2011 releases:

  • Rational Team Concert (RTC) 3.0.1
  • Rational Quality Manager (RQM) 3.0.1
  • Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) 3.0.1

Lab 1 guides you through setting up a CLM 2.x environment. This environment is upgraded to CLM 2011 during the course of the workshop.

The workshop covers one path through the upgrade process and does not attempt to cover all the possibilities. The path covered here is chosen to expose you to as many of the upgrade considerations as is reasonably possible while still illustrating a logical and coherent upgrade scenario.

The workshop is designed to be performed on one machine. However, it can also be performed using up to four machines. Four application servers are used to simulate a fully distributed topology.

The workshop also illustrates configuring the CLM 2011 solution with WebSphere Application Server, DB2, and LDAP and is therefore also interesting for users that want to install CLM 2011 in a complex environment.

It is helpful but not required to have experience with one or more of the Rational CLM products.

Workshop Environment

This workshop is written as if you are doing all this work on a single Microsoft®Windows machine (perhaps a VM). However, the workshop can be performed across multiple machines (Linux or Windows) just as easily. The workshop take two steps to make sure either mode will work:

  • Different host names are used for our logical servers (four application servers, one database server and one LDAP server). This enables the use of up to six machines.
  • The use of less than five machines (one in the case of the workshop instructions) can be accomplished by updating each machine’s hosts file.

Each application server uses a different port number. This allows all application servers to live on one machine. In a multiple machine configuration this would not be required. These two steps are complementary. The first enables a multiple machine configuration. The second enables a single machine configuration.


  1. Download the CLM 2011 Upgrade Workshop zip files.
  2. Uncompress the zip files.
  3. Read the Overview.
  4. Begin the workshop by executing Lab 1 of the workshop.

About the authors

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