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RTC Eclipse Clients for AIX and HPUX? Source Code Clients

Ken Creager (6542220) | asked Nov 27 '12, 11:35 a.m.
edited Dec 07 '12, 10:31 a.m. by Chris McGee (50511117)
I need RTC clients that can be used for source code management on AIX and HPUX, anyone had success getting  an eclipse client to work?  what did you have to do?



Ralph Schoon commented Nov 28 '12, 4:33 a.m.

It would be essential to tell the forum users which version of RTC you are talking about. We have now at least 4 major versions out there.

For AIX, you could use the SCM tools or, if you run XWindows you could use the browser to download and change files.
In general HPUX is not supported at all according to Again, the browser might be an option.

Ken Creager commented Nov 28 '12, 12:47 p.m.

talking about the latest release 4.X.  So from your comment it sounds like you don't know of anyone who has gotten an eclipse client, with RTC plugin, to work on AIX or HPUX?  The web browser just doesn't seem like a good option, it's very limited in it's source code capabilities.

I thought RTC was supposed to be multi-platform, i.e. do source control on all these platforms that people use - ClearCase has a client that runs on these platforms, how do you do source code management on RTC when you are logged into an AIX or HPUX box??  Use SVN instead!

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 28 '12, 6:18 p.m. | edited Nov 28 '12, 6:40 p.m.

Ken, I have not tried to install a client on AIX or HPUX, I am just reading the system requirements. HPUX is not a supported platform from what I can see, at all. So it might or might not work. It is simply not supported.  So what do you expect?

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Chris McGee (50511117) | answered Nov 29 '12, 4:39 p.m.
RTC SCM supports the command-line interface (CLI) on a few different Unix operating systems including Solaris, AIX, Linux (x86, POWER, S390) and z/OS USS. There is no support for HP-UX at this time. The eclipse client is only supported on Windows and Linux (x86).

There are some articles available that describe how to use the CLI:

The CLI can be used in conjunction with a web browser to do work item and to a limited degree, build workflows. The last three articles cover how to do this in the context of Mac OS with the Xcode IDE but some of the examples can be applied to other operating systems and IDE's as well.

There is also p2 repository zip that you can download for each RTC release from That p2 repository can be used to install RTC onto an existing eclipse and may work for you but this is not supported for AIX or HP-UX.

Chris McGee commented Dec 03 '12, 10:46 a.m.

To elaborate a bit on the last paragraph (although not supported for AIX and HP-UX). Here are the steps that you would take:

  • Download the "p2 Install Repository" zip from "All Downloads" tab of the RTC download page from (use the version that matches the version of RTC your server is using)
  • Download an Eclipse install from that matches the RTC version you are using (Eclipse 3.6 for RTC 3.x, Eclipse 3.6 for RTC 4.x) and the operating system you want to run it on
  • Unzip the p2 zip
  • Install Eclipse
  • Launch Eclipse
  • Go to Help->Install New Software...
  • Click "Add..."
  • Choose "Local" and pick the location where you unzipped the p2 install
  • Add the RTC feature for your install
  • Restart eclipse

Be sure to check your ulimits. RTC and eclipse can use quite alot of memory and file handles.

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