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what is the order of steps when performing synchronize attribute operation?

Fausto Lemos (16811518) | asked Nov 15 '12, 9:10 p.m.

when we perform synchronize attribute operation what rtc does in order?

i'm asking because when we change presentation, they only appear after we save the wi.. just synchronize isn't enough to presentation show up in wi... this is a bad thing because sometimes this presentation is related to a required field.. so users can't synchronize and we have a dead lock... i want to synchronize, the field just appear after save but rtc dont let me save because the field is required...

i'm missing something???

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Elisabeth Carbone (616108) | answered Nov 16 '12, 3:27 a.m.
Hello Fausto,

Run a query in the eclipse client that returns all the work items of the record type where you have edited the presentation. Select all. Right-click on an icon in the first column, select "Synchronize Attributes" menu item. After that all existing WI should be updated with the new presentation. If you are using the Web UI you may eventually have to clean the cache

Hope this helps,


Fausto Lemos commented Nov 16 '12, 11:00 a.m.

Hi Elisabeth,

i´m aware about how to synchronize... i´m asking how rtc deals with this... in my case i have a presentation that is bind to a required field.. however rtc only shows me this presentation when synchronize ends.. but synchronize never ends because i get an validation message asking me to set a field that don´t appear until i save the wi...

again: rtc try to save the wi before updating the presentation??? or is this a cache problem??

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Elisabeth Carbone (616108) | answered Nov 16 '12, 1:59 p.m.
Hello Fausto,

I see now what you mean. If the presentation is bind to a required field you get an error when syncronizing the attribute. It seems that the WI gets saved during the syncronization of attributes.

I hope somebody else can answer you the question in what order it is done exactly.

The way I get the presentation on the form for existing WI is in two steps.I add the attribute none mandatory with presentation first. Run the syncronization attribute. The presentation is now on the form. Nex I make the attribute mandatory. This step does not need a syncronization attribute.

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