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Regarding categories in Test Data

Shivanand Divekar (621112) | asked Nov 01 '12, 4:55 a.m.

As per online help on RQM, it says that it is possible to define Categories and Subcategories to organize the Test Data in hierarchical way. However, when I go to Manage Project Properties, I do not see an option to create the categories for Test Data.

We are using CLM 4.0. Please let me know whether this is not supported in 4.0 version?

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered Nov 01 '12, 6:34 a.m.
edited Nov 01 '12, 6:42 a.m.
Yes, this function is support in CLM 4.0.  Please ensure you have the correct permissions:

To add, edit, and delete categories, you must be assigned to a role that has Save Category and Save Category Type permissions enabled.

[Source: Defining categories and category relationships]

However, you should still see the 'Artifact Categories' section.  Can you confirm you see this section?

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Pramod Chandoria (2.1k11220) | answered Nov 01 '12, 12:58 p.m.
Hi Shiva,
The support for category for Test Data is added in V4.0.1 which is planned to release in this month. Yes Categories are supported for other artifacts in 3.0.1 onwards but for testdata, you will have to wait till v401.

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