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RRC Upload of word document artifacts using the API

Samanwita Majumdar (5033639) | asked Oct 05 '12, 7:34 a.m.
I am trying to upload word document artifacts into RRC and the code works fine in CLM 3.0. However when I try to do the same for CLM 4.0.1 (M3) I made a couple of changes like modifying the url to make the readDocument work. The code snippet is as follows. In CLM 3.0 the variable urlset had the value

urlset = responseString.substring(locationURLIndex, responseString.indexOf("\",", locationURLIndex));
          urlset = taskURL.replaceAll("\\\\/", "/");

and now in CLM 4.0.1 (M3) it is as follows:

The point where it fails is where I try xpathNamespace.evaluate and resultPath = "//rm:taskResult/@rdf:resource".

The Node value comes up for CLM 3.0 but fails for M3.
Is there anything specific that works for CLM 4.0?

  String urlset=""+location;
        String taskURL=urlset;
          final int MAX_TRIALS = 20;
          for (int count = 0; count < MAX_TRIALS; count++) {
//              printResourceDoorsPrivate(taskURL);
              Document taskDoc = readDocumentDoorsPrivate(taskURL);
              String resultPath = "//rm:taskResult/@rdf:resource";
              XPath xpathNamespace = getXpathNamespace();
              Node resultNode = (Node) xpathNamespace.evaluate(resultPath, taskDoc, XPathConstants.NODE);

Please help me provide the resolution to the same and also if anything needs to be changed after this also for CLM 4.0 to work?


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