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Installing RTC as a plugin in Worklight Studio

Luca Martinucci (1.0k396112) | asked Sep 21 '12, 4:49 a.m.
I just need a confirmation.
I am integrating RTC 4.0 with Worklight Studio 5.0.
Worklight Studio is an eclipse-based IDE and an IBM product, that's why I installed it with IM.
Then, always using IM, I launched the installation of RTC client: I intended to install it as an extension to the existing WL eclipse IDE.
Anyway, I noticed that if you choose to install RTC in a package group different from SDP (the one where WL Studio was installed), you cannot integrate the 2 products: actually you when you select the installation folder of WL you get an error and cannot proceed with the installation.
Instead, if you choose to install RTC in the SDP package, you don't even need to expressly extend the existing eclipse IDE, the installation is straightforward and you obtain an integrated eclipse IDE with functionalities from both products.
So, is this the right approach when the existing eclipse IDE is from an IM-installed product?
And instead, you can follow the extending-eclipse-IDE approach only if eclipse was installed by extracting a plain zip?

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Jorge Iglesias (8176) | answered Sep 21 '12, 5:44 a.m.
Check this link,
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Luca Martinucci commented Sep 21 '12, 9:05 a.m.

Following the instructions, I succeeded in integrating RTC and WLS also in this way. First, I installed Eclipse Indigo, then installed WLS as a plugin on Indigo, then RTC on Indigo+WLS. Anyway, this is a more complex installation, as you have to change the JRE to 1.6, modify eclipse.ini, install EMF (see also The "all-IM" way I described in my previous post is in my opinion much easier and straightforward. I'd appreciate an official statement by IBM.

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