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Rational Team Concert Builds on z/OS - Performance

Jorge Nagasaki (17512217) | asked Sep 18 '12, 9:42 a.m.

We are starting using RTC (V4) on z/OS environment, and I have a question of expected performance.  During or tests of a simple COBOL Program build , is taking more than 5 minutes to complete!!.   And the standard z/OS batch builds does take just few seconds, or subsecond on the same machine.   Tracking the activities I see that it takes long time on the Starting ANT build  step..

Builds on distributed platform for the same JTS runs OK.  Seems that the issue is only on z/OS platform.  Is this results expected ?   Or may I have some hidden problem here?

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Tami Takamiya (2011110) | answered Sep 19 '12, 1:19 p.m.
The performance depends on the machine used for the build.   Generally speaking, Java start up time on z/OS tends to be longer compared to the ones in Unix or Windows environments.  There are some Java Virtual Machine options are provided ( and one of them ("-Xquickstart") is specified by default to run z/OS dependency builds, but if the machine is slow, start up time would be much longer compared to the one required for processing JCL, which was originally designed when the machine was much slower than today.

Realistically, the use of specialty engines such as zIIP is recommended.  See Rational Team Concert 3.0 performance tuning guide for z/OS (


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