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How to set the duration of the DW collection task

Hehui Liu (7052830) | asked Aug 08 '12, 5:17 a.m.
Here, we are using some of the RTC reports, but the data comes from dataware house, and default, the duration of the DW collection task is one day. Does there any way to tune the duration? Or could we trigger the collection task by a program? Thanks a lot!

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Canberk Akduygu (99237371) | answered Aug 10 '12, 8:14 a.m.
There is a "Task delay"  property which is set to 86400=24*60*60 , I guess this is the time interval. If you set to 60*60=3600, it is gonna run every hour.

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Canberk Akduygu (99237371) | answered Aug 08 '12, 6:19 a.m.
https://jazzservername:9443/jts/ is gonna be usefull for you.

you may also replace "jts" context in the URI with "ccm" and "qm"

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Hehui Liu (7052830) | answered Aug 08 '12, 10:03 a.m.
Thanks Canberk, as my understand, in the link you provide, we just only could set at which time in one day, the data collection task should be executed, but it can not set how long the data collection should be executed, for example, every 4 hours. Pls correct me, if it is wrong.

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Canberk Akduygu (99237371) | answered Aug 08 '12, 12:21 p.m.
There is a property which is set to 24, if you change it to 4, it will execute at 4 hours intervals i believe :) I am not sure :)

I dont have connection to my prod server that's whhy I am guessing right now.

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Sudhakar Frederick (80113631) | answered Aug 10 '12, 6:37 a.m.
I believe that number is not an interval but an hour of the day when the jobs are run. At least that's what I gather from
as well as the tooltip text when hovering over the "Data Warehouse Snapshot Time" property at
Choose a value between 1 and 24 (hours). All the scheduled daily snapshots will run at the chosen hour.

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Rafik Jaouani (5.0k16) | answered Aug 11 '12, 11:17 a.m.
It is highly discouraged to set the interval to less than 24 hours as doing so will impact performance and increase significantly the size requirements of the data warehouse. Most of our scrum reports (Burndown, Burnup, Release Burndown) will display a live point to display an up to date chart.

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