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How to stop the Rational Build Agent daemon for zOS ?

Eric Aubert (1111) | asked Jul 10 '12, 2:23 a.m.

How to stop the Rational Build Agent daemon for zOS ?

Using RTC for Z/OS v4.0 on z/OS v1r11

there was no change between RTC v3.0.1 about the Rational Build Agent.

there is a PROC BLZBFA wich launch the program to start the Daemon so

we have a STC started suffixed with "3".

We would like to control the start and termination of those tasks.

No problem to start it.

But to stop it under z/OS the only way I found is to CANCEL the STC !

I wonder if the suffix is always the same "3" for the daemon started via the Proc BLZBFA .

Is there another way to stop the Rational  Build Agent daemon ?  

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Steve Dearth (2212) | answered Jul 10 '12, 10:25 a.m.
We currently don't ship a sample proc to stop the agent. There are a couple of manual ways to stop the process. In SDSF PS,  you can locate the process and cancel it. The other way to stop the agent is to locate and kill it from USS. Issue a command such as:

ps -A | grep bfagent

and kill the associated process. Unfortunately, identifying the correct process becomes difficult if you are running more than one instance of the agent from the same install. The script could be modified to track the process id of the started agent, which would make it easier to identify and kill the correct agent when necessary.

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