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Is there a way to create a Validator for enumerations?

Don Hoeksema (26167) | asked Jun 12 '12, 8:26 a.m.
retagged Jun 12 '12, 9:22 a.m. by Evan Hughes (2.4k1318)

Sometimes there are constraints on the allowed values of an attribute. For instance a specific format for a text attribute, or a permitted range for a number attribute. Since RTC 3.0, there are two out-of-the-box validation rules that can be configured for this kind of constraint checking: A regular expression based one and a number range one. My questions is I would like to create a constraint for an enumeration if the selection on the drop down box is 'Yes' or 'No', and if the user selects 'No' then I do not want the user to continue or 'Save' until the 'Yes' is selected to satisfy the current 'Status'. Is there a current way to do this? If not, will the next version of RTC help with this?

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Ralph Schoon (62.7k33643) | answered Jun 15 '12, 4:25 a.m.
Don, you could try to use a scripted validation. You would have to configure the related precondition in the operation behavior to prevent from saving if your validation says error. If that does not fly, you could create a precondition yourself.

There is no difference in the new version, as far as I know.

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