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Is it possible to have a hover view with a drag and drop attachment function? (Transition from Trello)

michael entler (171226) | asked Feb 14 '17, 5:43 p.m.

I suspect the answer is probably no.

I have a team I'm trying to transition from using Trello as a product backlog management tool to RTC (6.0.2).  They currently are using RTC for Source code, and the team has a list of somethings they want, which I'm not certain are possible.

I've started them off using the SCRUM template in RTC 6.0.2. I think SAFe will be too difficult to approach them with.

They have been following an agile process for a few months now, using Trello and Whiteboards with sticky notes as their tools. The key benefits from moving them to RTC are there source code already lives in RTC, traceability, and they have some remote team members, so a stickynote board is not ideal. 

Here are their requests so far:


1. They want to eliminate the tabs on the workitems and have Acceptance and Links/attachments be on the same tab as everything else on the Overview tab  ( this is the most likely to be possible, but eclipse workitem editing can be pesky, and I'm not certain here)

2. They want to be able to customize the Hover view, so that they can easily access all the important areas of the work item from the Planning or Quick Plan section. I'm not sure this will be possible with Attachments, and I'm not sure how to customize the hover view(still researching that).

3. Finally they want to be able to have default work item types for  users(or team areas) such that a development team would be able to create a workitem type and it would automatically be a task by default. I think this is not possible, and I don't think this will be as much of a problem as they think it will be, but I suspect this is just from their experience creating items in Trello

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