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Does Viewlet exist for BIRT rendered results?

Steve Cotugno (41159) | asked Aug 08 '08, 1:02 p.m.
Hello Jazz Team:

Is there a WebUI Dashboard Viewlet that will allow us to display in the Dashboard a BIRT rendered result?

If not, is there away to write a custom WebUI Dashboard viewlet to display BIRT rendered results?


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Mike Pawlowski (6861) | answered Aug 21 '08, 4:27 p.m.
Hi Steve,

As discussed offline, currently there are two types of viewlets that render BIRT rendered charts:
(1) Work Item Statistics Viewlet
=> Using direct low-level BIRT charting engine Java APIs
(2) Trend Report Viewlets
=> Using BIRT rptdesign files

However, there is no easy way to plug in a user-defined BIRT report into either of the two viewlets; since, they are configured to use custom REST services that encapsulate the underlying BIRT reporting engine.
For instance, BIRT specific report parameters are not configurable or available to the viewlets.

In the next Jazz release, the Dashboard team is planning to add infrastructure to make it easier to plug in new trend reports (rptdesign files) defined by the Reports team or Jazz developers. For example, being able to contribute a new trend report viewlet by specifying some plug-in manifest XML mark-up without specifying code.


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