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RTC setup question-Register applications error-setup wizard

Chris Carlson (111) | asked Mar 21 '12, 2:35 p.m.
I have (uneventfully) installed DB2 ESE 9.7, WAS, and RTC 3.0.1 on a virtual (hosted on ESX) Win2008 server with 8G of memory. I am now going through the setup wizard and have gotten through the various steps without incident until the "register applications" step (Step 1:Verify and Update Discovered Applications). I am now getting this error:

"An error occurred while attempting to access the Discovery URL for the application. Please ensure that the application has been installed and provisioned correctly. If you have configured a virtual host for an application, the virtual hostname must be used in the URL for the application. ID CRJAZ2081E
Unable to load https://<hostname>:9443/admin/scr?dojo.preventCache=1332341950683 status:404"

The /ccm application instance is found, but the next 3 have red x's next to them: /rm, /qm, and /admin.

From the googling I've done it looks like a failure of discovery, but I have no idea why it's failing, if all 3 of those are expected. One post suggested it was a failure due to a browser security error, so I did check the URLs for each:


All 3 produce a 404 error in the same browser being used by the setup wizard. However,
produces the expected XML. Another post indicated this has been seen due to insufficient memory, but the "my computer" properties confirms installed RAM is 8G.

Applications running in WAS: DefaultApplication, PlantsByWebSphere (sampleapp), SamplesGallery (ditto), ccm_war, clmhelp_war, ivtApp, jts_war, query

Any help much appreciated! I'm pretty well out of ideas.

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Ralph Schoon (62.0k33643) | answered Mar 22 '12, 4:19 a.m.

my best guess....

You have only installed the Jazz Team Server (JTS, ccm_help) you did not deploy the admin.war for the LPA application. This is the ..../admin component you want. You have set up and installed the CCM application so that gets discovered.

You apparently did not install, RQM, and RRC or did not deploy the war files for them. If you installed the applications, the ....../conf/rm and ....../conf/qm folders will be found in the filesystem and the setup tries to register them. If you don' want them, remove the applications, otherwise deploy them or check why the deployment failed.

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