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Error deploying predefined process templates to the reposito

Chris Errichetti (7173) | asked Jul 25 '08, 4:39 p.m.
Hi, all.

I have Jazz running with WebSphere and DB2 9.5 as a repository. I am trying to create my first project area. I went to the Project Area Management section, went to create the project area, typed in a test name and then click on Deploy Predefined Process Templates. At the top, it said that it could take a minute to do the work and then it came back with the following error:

"Error deploying predefined process templates to the repository. Please check your server log for more details.

: The "" client access license policy does not allow the "" operation."

Has anyone come across this issue before? I checked all of the logs that I could find and could not find anything with the time stamp at the time I attempted this operation.

Thanks in advance.


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Chris Errichetti (7173) | answered Jul 25 '08, 4:46 p.m.
Found this on RTC support site:

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