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Getting the UUID of the current user

Paul Klicnik (2633) | asked Oct 15 '10, 4:50 p.m.
I'm looking for a way to get the UUID of the user currently signed in.

I know about the 'users' REST services (eg /ccm/whoami and /jts/users/{username}) but neither of those includes the internal UUID in the result. I read through the JFSUsersAPI wiki page ( but that doesn't seem to have any info either.

Any ideas?

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Nick Edgar (6.5k711) | answered Oct 19 '10, 9:46 a.m.
Are you trying to do this via the Java client API or via the web interfaces?
For the Java client API you can use:, and, IProgressMonitor)

The Jazz web UI uses, e.g.:

which contains a currentContributorInitializer section, e.g.:

"": {
"currentContributor": {
"_eQualifiedClassName": "",
"archived": false,
"": "",
"contextId": "_8lNyYNwSEd2pIJ5QVwgQGg",
"details": {
"_eQualifiedClassName": "",
"": "",
"itemId": "_7yhV8qjWEd-D1aqWcEbu6Q"
"emailAddress": "",
"immutable": true,
"itemId": "_wzp-IPYJEdqU64Cr2VV0dQ",
"mergePredecessor": null,
"modified": "2010-09-14T15:56:54.072Z",
"modifiedBy": {
"_eQualifiedClassName": "",
"": "",
"itemId": "_wzp-IPYJEdqU64Cr2VV0dQ"
"name": "Nick Edgar",
"predecessor": "_sUp4QcAYEd-fRr9iR3W1xg",
"stateId": "_seTjgcAYEd-fRr9iR3W1xg",
"userId": "nedgar"

Note that this is internal though.

As for pure JFS API, I'm not sure.

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