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scm shortening long output lines

Jiří Baroš (111) | asked Jan 26 '12, 10:00 a.m.
Hi buddies,
it looks like scm.exe is shortening strings if whole output line is longer than 80 characters.
E.g. my output of command "scm status" looks like:

Workspace: (1062) "sandbox_JBaros Stream Workspace" <-> (1063) "sandbox_JBaros >

Component: (1064) "Default Component" <-> (1063) "sandbox_JBaros Stream"
Baseline: (1065) 1 "Initial Baseline"
Component: (1022) "ULTRA" <-> (1063) "sandbox_JBaros Stream"
Baseline: (1054) 2 "NB_ULTRA_2011-02-21_1123"

Problem is the "sandbox_JBaros > on the first line ("Workspace:.."). There should be stream name ("sandbox_JBaros Stream" in this case) but name is shortened.

Is there any switch to disable this behaviour?

Thanks for any question.

Best regards

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