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Filter one enumeration attribute based on the value selected

Todd Long (1133) | asked Jan 06 '12, 4:25 p.m.
Is there a way to filter an enumerated list based on the selection of another enumerated list? For example enum1 has Red, White, Blue as its values. Enum2 has Red 1, Red 2, Red 3, White 1, White 2, White 3, Blue 1, etc. When I select a value from Enum1 I want Enum2 to filter the choices accordingly. E.g., if I select Red in enum1, I would expect to see only the values Red 1, Red 2, and Red 3 in enum2.

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sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | answered May 01 '12, 10:03 a.m.
Yes, in the workitem process config, select Attribute Customization, then Value Sets, Add, select Dependent Enumeration as type.. give it a name

then select the parent and chile enumerations.
the select a left value, and the matching right values.. etc.. save

you can do this multi-level as well..

then u create Attributes from these enums..on the dependent one, you select the appropriate value set name in the 'Value Set' dropdown.

I have 4 levels working

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Bonnie John (4122) | answered May 23 '12, 10:28 a.m.
I followed these instructions and made three enumeration attributes (Enum1, Enum2 an Enum3). Enum2 is dependent on the value in Enum1 and Enum3 is dependent on the value in Enum2. it looks perfect when I look at the value sets and the attribute definitions in the Work Item Type window. But it just doesn't work when I go to create a work item.

In the web interface, when a new work item comes up, Enum3 displays correctly, that is, Enum3 shows only the values associated with the default value of Enum2 in the Value Set. But Enum2 shows ALL its values, not just those associated with the default of Enum1.

I have double-checked my value sets and they seem to be correct, as do the definitions of the attributes and of my editor.

Why is Enum3 working fine, but Enum2 isn't.
Thanks, Bonnie

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sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | answered May 23 '12, 5:29 p.m.
when u create the variables from the enums, you MUST set that the variable is dependent on the prior one. IN ADDITION to creating the dependent enum configuration.. this is set in the 'dependencies' list at the bottom of the variable definition dialog page
here are my tier two

and tier three variables.

you must do this 'depends on' variable config for EACH downstream variable.. as well as the Valueset (2 twice in a 3 tier setup)

I would describe this configuration as

This variable is an Enum
it gets its value list from the value set
which is controlled by the dependency definition


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Bonnie John (4122) | answered May 23 '12, 5:50 p.m.
Thanks, that worked.

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