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Using RTC as source control for RFT scripts

Michael Walker (99214198157) | asked Nov 30 '11, 4:29 p.m.
I've read a couple docs on RFT/RTC integration that were linked from other forum entries but couldn't find an answer to my question.

Currently we use CCRC 7.0.1 with RFT for source control. One of our problems is when a change is made to a script and checked-in, it isn't automatically updated on the other servers that we run RFT scripts on. We have to go to each server and Update Resource.

I read you can automate this in CCRC 7.1 through the CLI interface. I was curious if RTC 3.0.1 has a similar functionality where it would automatically update the change on all our servers.

Our plan is to eventually move source control into RTC and we don't want to upgrade to CCRC 7.1 if the feature is already there in RTC.


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