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Protecting password passed through the build definition

Saurabh Singh (111) | asked Oct 02 '11, 5:33 p.m.
I have created a build definition in RTC of the type Jazz Ant Build definition.

In the properties of the build definition I have specified an attribute which passes a password to the build engine.

However the password appears in plain text format and then sent to the build engine.

This password is used to login to a second system from the build machine.
My requirement is to not make this password visible when the build is being fired.
How can I accomplish this?
I was looking for a password type value which can hide the password when typed. However there is no such functionality. The datatype that I can use is the String type.
What are my options to hide the password when the user enters it while firing the build?
I there a way it can be encrypted and sent to the build machine while requesting a build, then it would solve my purpose.
Any pointers/ideas?

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Ralph Schoon (58.7k23642) | answered Oct 04 '11, 3:37 a.m.

as far as I know you can create a password file and use that. The password stored in the file is stored encrypted. How to use it is described in the product online help

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Brent Ulbricht (2.5k11) | answered Oct 04 '11, 8:43 a.m.
If you weren't specifically asking about the JBE's password, you could add the credentials to a file on the build machine that has access specified so that only the account running the JBE can see it. In the build definition, you could then have a property that specifies the location of this file so that it could be read in as a properties file in the build script.

Brent Ulbricht
RTC Build Lead

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Terry Taylor (4199) | answered Nov 09 '11, 9:00 a.m.
This may be a very easy question, but I am not familiar with ant!

I have two build engines running on the same server but on two seperate drives. Both are identical except for the drive letter and a little configuration so you have...

X: - JazzBuild1
Y: - JazzBuild2

I've created a password file to encypt the password and both build engines run as a single "Build User", however if the build.xml referenced X:\Password.txt and it used JazzBuild2, it will fail.

So far I haven't managed to work out the best method as the ${basedir} is project related. Ideally it would be a "global" reference that many build files can access without manipulating paths, although if that is the only way then that's the way it is.

Ideally I would bury the Password.txt in the BuildEngine directory and have ant reference that but how can I ensure it uses the right drive for the right build engine? Is there a ${jbeLocation} (for instance)??



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