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Buildforge with RTC 3.0.1 with Reverse proxy issue

Thomas Dunnigan (13114126) | asked Aug 30 '11, 4:29 p.m.
Is there any additional configuration needed to enable Build Forge Build engines to run when using a reverse proxy server
I have a CLM 2011 implementation with the following characterisitcs:

4 distinct appservers running the the CLM apps(CCM,RRC,RQM and JTS)

1 Reverse proxy server that routes requests to the above apps based on the context root.
1 Buildforge server running standalone.
BF( ifix1) Tomcat

When configuring the BF build engine on the application server. I observer the following results.
1. I can successfully run the test connection function from the CCM client to the BF server.
2. I can successfully retrieve the the projects from the buildforge server for the build definition.
3. However that is the end of my capabilities. All build requests remain in a pending state.
4. The Build Engine itself is always in a "warning" state with the heading:
"The build engine process may not be running."

The CCM server is an upgraded RTC server where we had leveraged the the RationalBuildForgeConnector.

We have successfully used the new BF integration with an RTC 3.0.1 beta release with no proxy server.

Is this a known issue with upgraded RTC 2.x RationalBuildforge Connectors or is this an issue with the introduction of a reverse proxy server?

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Nick Edgar (6.5k711) | answered Mar 23 '12, 2:16 p.m.
To clarify, the issue that we saw with some customers' use of the RTC/Build Forge integration, was not due to the use of a reverse proxy, it was due to trying to run CLM clustered (i.e. multiple instances running of JTS and/or RTC, behind such a proxy), which was not supported at all (never mind Build Forge) in CLM 2011 / RTC 3.x or earlier.

The RTC/Build Forge integration should work just fine in the presence of a reverse proxy. If you're still seeing this issue, please open a work item and attach the ccm.log from the server.

Also, CLM will support clustering in 4.0, including the RTC/BF integration.

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Sep 07 '11, 4:09 p.m.
The Build Forge integration will not work with a reverse proxy at this time. We share information between the build loop and the event loop about the Build Forge build information that will not work in a reverse proxy environment. We are looking to add this support in the next RTC release.


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