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How to display the time which was spent on a work item?

Frank Hoffmann (122) | asked Aug 11 '11, 1:38 p.m.
Hey all,

I just tried to do some calculations in order to estimate the development costs for the next project. Therefore I tried to display and evaluate how much time was spent on a specific work item during the last project.

I tried to display that information by choosing several columns including "spent time" on my Eclipse work item query viewer. Unfortunately this column is empty even though all developers processed the required tasks to record this ("start working" on a specific work item). The whole work was recorded, cause I can see this in different charts. how can I display the information I need?

My Environment: RTC Express-C

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Ralph Schoon (59.7k23643) | answered Aug 11 '11, 3:52 p.m.

the time spent has to be added manually.

RTC does not count those times itself. Even if it did, how accurate could that be? Just becasause a work item is set to be the current work, does not say a human is really working on it. It is possible to look into the history to get some clues about what happened.

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