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Implementation of RTC and BF Help!!!!

Leandro Leal (14613645) | asked Jul 28 '11, 2:51 p.m.
Hello everyone,

Our company is implementing RTC and BF but we have difficulty in adapting the workflow RTC and BF with our processes. I want to know the experts say about which is the best implementation of RTC and BF in the following scenario:

There are three teams responsible for managing the lifecycle of the sources: Development, Quality, Production.

Development: Make changes or new developments to the programs that are installed in production.

Quality: Quality team performs testing development releases.

Production: Install applications that are certified and monitored its normal functioning.

The Quality team can return the source and executables to the development team if there is a defect, then the development team has to make corrections.

Once the Quality team validates that the changes are correct certifies and promotes changes to production.

There are two types of changes: New requirements or incidents. The incidents are specific changes on faults that exist in production. The new requirements are development of new programs that will be installed in production.

If a program is installed into production through an incident these changes need to be integrated into the new requirements or incidents ongoing.

There must be an official source repository of the executables that are installed in production and can not be modified by anyone. When you install a program on production, the official source repository should be updated automatically.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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