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How do I navigate to get an image, and which service do I to

Chris Abbott (7611412) | asked Jul 14 '11, 1:25 p.m.
I am trying to obtain the burndown graph:

1) I logged in
2) I called "rootservices"
3) I called "oslc/workitems/catalog"
4) I found my project and called "oslc/contexts/_3AWpQDNrEd-VerUNJ23vow/workitems/services.xml"

So now.... How do I ?

a) Get list of "My Current Plan"
b) How do I get the ID for the plans "chart image"
c) Which service to I post to and what are the parameters to get the PNG/JPG

Where are the documents for the services I can call "e.g. render image" and the details of the parameters needed ?

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Chris Abbott (7611412) | answered Jul 14 '11, 4:04 p.m.
Using a whole bunch of REST API calls*|projectDevelopmentLine/currentIteration/*)

Gives me an XML showing the current Iteration UniqueID*|iteration/(uniqueId|name))

Gives me a list of XML records for all out plans with the iteration unique ID showing so I can manually search and find the write one, unfortunatly the REST search does not work

This does not work, cannot do the sub-search for "apt" (seems to only work for "workitems")*|iteration/(uniqueId|name))

OK, I now have the unique ID of my currently active Plan

..<name>Iteration 1 (R3)</name>
....<name>Iteration 1 (R3)</name>

So.... What and How do I call to get the plans Chart rendered ?

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