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Integration into Transifex Translation Workflow?

Stephan Wissel (111) | asked Jun 30 '11, 3:58 a.m.
In my part of the world multi lingual applications are popular. However the steps are rather tedious:

- Write your code using .properties files with the strings (easy)
- Check the primary language in
- Send them to the translator
- find new terms that have not been tranlated
- Get them back
- Check in the translated .property files
} repeat until finished;

I would like to automate that. Here are my thought:
- automatically on check-in of a main properties file (the one without the language code, discoverable using a regex) send it to transifex (http post)
- create a workitem assigned to the comitter (or by a rule): check for translations
- just create a work item on submit
{insert your idea here}

What would make sense and how would I do that?

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