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What work item import actions require JazzAdmin privileges?

Chris Selzo (4642) | asked Jun 23 '11, 9:11 a.m.
Following the instructions at, I had a user (who is an administrator of the RTC project area) export from their old RTC server and import to ours (both They got many error messages about not being authorized to perform the action, and that somebody with a JazzAdmin role was required. On the page, it specifies:

* JazzAdmins - repository role, for creation of users and optimal performance
* Project Admins - within the project area, for creating the necessary items during import (work items, categories, iterations and releases)

In this import/export, no users were created, so I am curious, what caused the errors, and how can we know if a JazzAdmin will be required to do the import in the future?

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