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"Missing Custom Attributes" message with no change

Stefania Axo (12621513) | asked Apr 27 '11, 11:01 a.m.
here is the scenario that I run to get the "Missing Custom Attributes" from the "Check attributes usage in the repository" link

- we defined our process template with 2 new work item types and server plugin save with extensions and
-create a project area with our process template
-create 2 work itmes: one for each of the new kind we defined
-go on the eclipse client and open the process
-go under project configuration -> configuration data -> Work items -> types and attributes
- in the section of attributes, click on the "Check attributes Usage in the repository"....the message of "Missing Custom Attributes" will show up with the options:
1. "Show Items"
2. "Synchronize Attributes"
3. "Cancel"

no matter how many times I click "Synchronize Attributes" ...the message will always show up when I click "Check attributes usage in the repository"
No error shows up in the ccm.log.

The "Missing Custom Attributes"- "Show Items" button shows only one of the two types of work item that we defined.
It seems that one work item type works properly and the other does not.

What triggers the message to come out? Why the message of "Missing Custom Attributes" shows up even if I did not make any modification to the process (no add/change/remove of attributes)?

thank you

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